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Strange Case of Señor Computer, The

Strange Case of Señor Computer, The (2000) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  91m  •  .  •  Starring: Rick Ziegler, Tom Sawyer, Spencer Koerner, Will Lewis, David Damico, Gladys Hans, Lisa Goodman, Frenchy O'Brien, Isaiah Jurado, Barbara Beneville, Constance Tillotson, Precious Chong.  •  Music by: Frenchy O'Brien.
     A lonely computer wiz creates a robot with human-like intelligence. They will influence and teach each other as their lives spin out of control.


Image from: Strange Case of Señor Computer, The (2000)
Image from: Strange Case of Señor Computer, The (2000)
Image from: Strange Case of Señor Computer, The (2000)
This film feels pretty low budget, but I believe it makes it feel more personal. If this were a high budget movie, I'd be afraid it might feel a little pretentious (I hesitate to say that because it really wasn't a pretentious movie). Some of the acting isn't the best and a couple of the cuts are very awkward, but overall this is one of my favorite movies of all time, and it's almost all due to the writing.

Bashing this movie for having a weak plot is like bashing Slingblade for having a weak plot; it's really not the point. It's basically a character study of its 2 main characters: the relatively well-worn nerdy scientist, and the incredibly fresh infant (& growing) robot.

The "robot's birth" scene and first few thoughts the robot has are the best example of the brilliance of the writing; the expression of what a highly intelligent, yet absolutely ignorant and confused mind would experience. We follow the robot through his education, and the scientist through his frustration with his creation. Much hilarity ensues, but it's wit is absolutely dry, most of it "unintentional" on the robot's part, coming from his blatant honesty, lack of experience, and eventually the formation of his slightly odd personality due to that of his "father's" and the people he talks to on the phone.

The reason I say it's not pretentious is because just when it could be, the language often takes a turn, poking fun at (or at least contrasting) the concisestilted way the immediately preceding idea was expressed, ya'll.

Review by mr_brown_shoes from the Internet Movie Database.