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Pleasure Maze

Pleasure Maze (1986) Movie Poster
  •  USA  •    •  80m  •    •  Directed by: Duck Dumont.  •  Starring: Buck Adams, Tracey Adams, Jerry Butler, Billy Dee, Stacey Donovan, Alexis Greco, Nina Hartley, John Leslie, Amber Lynn, Joanna Storm..
In this futuristic story, "nightdroids" are android hookers that are tested in the Pleasure Maze before they are released for the public to enjoy. Stacey Donovan is among the droids that is evaluated for peak sexual performance.


Image from: Pleasure Maze (1986)
Human prostitutes are replaced by robots known as nightdroids in the near future. The nightdroids are subjected to vigorous and extensive testing in a lab called the Pleasure Maze prior to being released to the public.

Writerdirector Duck Dumont crafts a satisfying raunchy and erotic atmosphere, keeps the interesting premise moving along at a steady pace, and makes good use of wonky droning synthesizer music, stark minimal sets, and funky costumes in order to effectively evoke an oppressive dystopian world. This movie further benefits from a bevy of hot and desirable women: Fetching brunette Tracey Adams, delicious Stacey Donovan, a very young and foxy Nina Hartley, the always super slutty (and damn sexy) Amber Lynn, sultry Joanna Storm, and the enticing Lili Marlene, who does the deed with especially scorching gusto. The guys hold up their end quite nicely: Joey Silvera as likable veteran tester Parker, Jerry Butler as buff stud Fuller, Billy Dee as the eager Cassidy, and Jon Martin as smarmy technician Merrick. The sex scenes are really arousing and energetic, with a sizzling girlgirl session between Hartley and Storm rating as the definite steamy highlight.

Review by Woodyanders from the Internet Movie Database.