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Kvinnens Plass

Kvinnens Plass (1956) Movie Poster
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Norway  •    •  95m  •    •  Directed by: Nils R. Müller.  •  Starring: Lars Nordrum, Inger Marie Andersen, Harald Aimarsen, Haakon Arnold, Pål Bang-Hansen, Odd Borg, Wilfred Breistrand, Hilde Brenni, Lalla Carlsen, Kari Diesen, Oscar Egede-Nissen, Helge Essmar, Jack Fjeldstad.  •  Music by: Egil Monn-Iversen, Bjørn Voll.
    When the journalist Tore returns to Norway from USA he falls in love with a colleague, that obviously is a better reporter. When their first born arrives, the discussion is; Who leaves work and will be staying at home with he kid?


Image from: Kvinnens Plass (1956)
A bordercase Sci-fi movie which boasts to be one of the few Norwegian films (perhaps the only?) where we get to experience a flying saucer.

Review by Unknown from the Internet Movie Database.