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Santo Frente a la Muerte

Santo Frente a la Muerte (1969) Movie Poster
Mexico / Spain  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Fernando Orozco.  •  Starring: Santo, Mara Cruz, Ángel Menéndez, Elsa Cárdenas, César del Campo, Celia Roldán, Fernando Osés, Johana Aloha, Frank Braña, Antonio Pica, Ramiro Corso, Jimeno González, Luciano Merchan.  •  Music by: Daniel White.
     A group of international criminals steal a large emerald from a heavily guarded Colombian mine and plan to sell it on the black market. But, Dr. Igor is using other criminals as well as the ones who stole the emerald against each other, for his own benefit.


Image from: Santo Frente a la Muerte (1969)
Image from: Santo Frente a la Muerte (1969)
Image from: Santo Frente a la Muerte (1969)
EL "Santo" or "El enmascarado de plata" is the most iconic and remembered hero of Mexico and this time he has a new enemy "La mafia" but not the mafia we all know, is different because the organization and the dress they wear are very different. When i first saw this movie I got impressed because the plot was very good and the actors give a really terrific performances.El Santo has

If you want to watch the best movie of el santo don't miss the opportunity to watch this movie. But even counting that is a crime genre you also can laugh some moments because some dialogue and some fights.

Review by dapt89 from the Internet Movie Database.