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Amazone (2000) Movie Poster
France / Spain  •    •  88m  •    •  Directed by: Philippe de Broca.  •  Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Arielle Dombasle, Patrick Bouchitey, Thylda Barès, André Penvern, Jackie De la Nuez, Ronny Bandomo Casanova, Carlos Padrón, Fernando Echevarría, Daniel Hernandez, Héctor Echemendia, Salvador Palomino, Alberto Noel Pena.  •  Music by: Alexandre Desplat.
        Edouard is studying the flora and the fauna of the Amazon when he finds a naked little twelve-year old girl who tells him that she came from another world...


Image from: Amazone (2000)
Image from: Amazone (2000)
Image from: Amazone (2000)
Image from: Amazone (2000)
Image from: Amazone (2000)
This French film should go straight to the guillotine! It's an insult to the French film industry. But as I am a generous person I'll give it 410. Now don't go racing off to collect a DVD just to see why I am making such a fuss. Take my word for it.

The film opens with a stupendous waterfall. Magnificent. Just take in the sight and sound! Is this a promise of what is to follow? Sadly no. What follows is a disaster.

The film has little or no story. What action there is revolves around three people, a retired dentist seeking solitude in the jungle, a twelve year old who happened to drop in from a far away planet and an excitable woman astronomer seeking out the site where a UFO had apparently hit the earth. In the film the characters are wet most of the time due to the frequent showers or falling into the river. As a consequence the man reluctantly gives them shelter This knits together what story there is. There are frequent arguments and the women keep running away and have to be saved from the dangers of the jungle.

Nearby there is a depression in the earth no bigger than a preserving pan which attracts the attention of the astronomer who whereupon quizzes one of the local natives (who cannot understand a word of French)about the indentation in the earth. Stranger still is the fact that the girl from the distant planet speaks French fluently.

There is a band of kidnappers combing the river to see where they can make a buck or two. Eventually they kidnap the little girl and make off with her.

Belmondo in excellent bewhiskered make-up as the elderly man has not much to do and one wonders why he accepted the part in the first place. On the other hand the incidental music is very good and worthy of a much better production. The same can be said of the photography. The main fault is the choice of material. Some scenarios are best left untouched on the shelf.

You won't find many reviews of this one. I think I've told you why..

Review by raymond-106 from the Internet Movie Database.