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Muertos Hablan, Los

Muertos Hablan, Los (1935) Movie Poster
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Mexico  •    •    •  Directed by: Gabriel Soria.  •  Starring: Julián Soler, Amelia de Ilisa, Manuel Noriega, Miguel Arenas, Aurora Cortés, Isidro D'Olace, Jorge Mondragón, José Eduardo Pérez, Godofredo de Velasco, Ricardo Carti, Manuel Buendía, Felipe de Flores, Gilberto González.  •  Music by: Mario Talavera.
    Professor Jiménez believes the human retina retains the image of the last thing a person sees before death. Only his student Eduardo stands by him in the face of widespread mockery. Together they will try and prove the professors theory but fate has a unpleasant way of helping them do this.