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Moment After, The

Moment After, The (1999) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  89m  •    •  Directed by: Wes Llewellyn.  •  Starring: Julie Link, Mike Wilson, David A.R. White, Kevin Downes, Greg Davis, Brad Heller, D. David Morin, Brian C. Bennetts, Amanda Llewellyn, Kevin Indio Copeland, John Gilbert, Teres Byrne, Gregg Binkley.  •  Music by: Marc Fantini.
      In the twinkling of an eye, a mass disappearance has occurred. Moments after the turmoil and confusion, the FBI is called in to investigate and locate the missing persons. For Agent Adam Riley, it is personal. For Agent Charles Baker, it doesn't matter, it's just a job. Before long the investigation turns toward a mysterious man who seems to be raising up a para-military organization. Does this man hold the key to the truth that the world is searching for?


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Image from: Moment After, The (1999)
Image from: Moment After, The (1999)
Image from: Moment After, The (1999)
Image from: Moment After, The (1999)
Image from: Moment After, The (1999)
In a moment of time hundreds of thousands of people across America disappear in a flash . Scientists are baffled by this phenomenon but Christians believe the rapture has happened . Two FBI agents Baker and Riley try and make sense of the mass disappearance . Weeks after the event the increasing repressive American state is becoming more interested in a Rabbi who is now seen as a fugitive

There's the bare bones of a good film in here somewhere . A flash and hundreds of thousands of Americans have ceased to exist . This calls for an investigation led by Mulder and Scully which would make a mighty fine episode of THE X FILES . Unfortunately any naughty thoughts about Dana Scully will have to be curtailed as will any type of critical thinking because this is a Christian movie . I don't mean it has a Christian subtext I mean it literally has Christian explanation for the events shown which sinks the film . Nigel Kneale used a very similar borrowing from the rapture in his 1979 QUATERMASS story but while that was about science versus faith with science winning in the end here faith wins out because ... well because .

It'd be very easy to stick the boot in to THE MOMENT AFTER such as a character pulling out a bible and claiming " Everything in it is true " true that is except for God creating the Earth in seven days and the talking snake and Adam and Eve and everything else . Seeing as the hunted fugitive Jacob is a former Rabbi I'm a bit confused why he keeps referring to Christianity in such a knowledgeable manner since he's so recently converted . Yes Christianity is an off shoot of the Judiac religion as is Islam but that doesn't mean Jews view Jesus in the same way Christians do . They see Jesus as a mere prophet rather than the Son of God . I also wondered why Jacob needed to point out off camera and say " See this fir trees . They can't survive without God's love " .No they can't survive without photosynthesis . Try getting your nose out of the Bible or Talmud and read a book on basic plant biology Jacob

Oh dearie me I starting to get a bit grumpy something I didn't mean to do but this sums up everything wrong about Christian films that leave no room at the Inn for either agnostics or atheists or even Deists . Nearly every scene revolves around the very real concept of God's existence which is a great pity because some of the ideas put forward are rather intriguing such as the American government putting micro-chips in people and the rise of an oppressive militia which would have somethingof an appeal to a mainstream secular audience . As it stands THE MOMENT AFTER only exists to spread the word to the converted.

Review by Theo Robertson from the Internet Movie Database.