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Eliminator, The

Eliminator, The (1997) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  86m  •    •  Directed by: Enda Hughes.  •  Starring: Michael Colgan, Donna Crilly, Mik Duffy, Ed Hughes, Paul McAvinchey, Barry Wallace..
    Set in Northern Ireland of the future, Computer genius O'Brien is working hard to build the VIPER, a military supercar. He is captured, and the computer codes to the car are stolen. The subsequent fight by O'Brien and friends to retrieve theses codes involves explosions, car chases, treachery, death, zombies and the resurrection of St Patrick.


Without going into huge detail The Eliminator was perhaps one of the films which led to an upsurge in independent film-making in Ireland. While few of these have been in a similar vein it has shown others that big budgets and big studios are not a requirement.

For a more global comparison why not look at Sam Raimi and what he managed on small budgets with what could be considered B-Scripts.

What's brilliant about The Eliminator is that you never notice the small budget. Did you know that the car was only 'teched' up from one side and that this was the reason you only ever see the VIPER from one angle? Fascinating.

I knew the guys that were responsible for it's distribution in the south of Ireland and they were incredibly quick to sing its praises several years after it had been long forgotten about. A copy of this gem is incredibly hard to procure, so much so that Media Zoo themselves didn't have a copy left.

Review by Lee Murphy [IMDB 17 October 2004] from the Internet Movie Database.