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Mosquito-Man, A

Mosquito-Man, A (2013) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  79m  •    •  Directed by: Michael Manasseri.  •  Starring: Michael Manasseri, Kimberley Kates, Jordan Trovillion, Lloyd Kaufman, Ted Myers, Falah Cannon, Ricky Wayne, Greg Trzaskoma, Dana Gamarra, Sammy Puebles, Derek Faraci, Nathaniel McClure, Michael Gillespie.  •  Music by: Alexander Janko, Bruce Lee.
     Jim Crawley is having a really bad day. He gets fired from his job at the nuclear power plant, his car is towed, he discovers his wife is having an affair and then a kind man who saves his life turns out to be an evil scientist. Jim is infected with a deadly mosquito-borne virus that is spreading across the planet but all those years of exposure to nuclear radiation and rabid mosquito DNA don't mix very well.


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Image from: Mosquito-Man, A (2013)
Image from: Mosquito-Man, A (2013)
Image from: Mosquito-Man, A (2013)
Image from: Mosquito-Man, A (2013)
Image from: Mosquito-Man, A (2013)
this movie was actually a really good take on a super hero that unfortunately has a dark side to him that he cant live a normal life but he seeks out revenge on the ones who have dropped him rock b0ttom. seeks revenge on those and his mind and instincts of a mosquito are kicking in and battles with him self to snap back to reality. that he is human, and so one out there does love him no matter what circumstances.

so any way i do not want to spoil much, but its a movie you wont regret watching,

it deserves a better rating and watch it and give it one. its like a whole new superhero thats just been created. he yet doesn't have a name that's all good, lets call him mosquito man, or Mr sucker Haha thats cool.

Review by yo-520-863674 from the Internet Movie Database.


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