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Shrunken City, The

Shrunken City, The (1998) Movie Poster
  •  Romania  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Ted Nicolaou.  •  Starring: Michael Malota, Agnes Bruckner, Jules Mandel, Steve Valentine, Ray Laska, Dorina Lazar, Christopher Landry, Lula Malota, Andreea Macelaru, Ion Haiduc, Mihai Baranga, Silviu Biris, Florin Kevorkian.  •  Music by: Carl Dante.
      Two teen-aged kids discover a miniature bottled city buried beneath a construction site. They must protect the tiny civilization within from reptilian alien hunters after its everlasting power supply.


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Image from: Shrunken City, The (1998)
Image from: Shrunken City, The (1998)
Image from: Shrunken City, The (1998)
Image from: Shrunken City, The (1998)
THE SHRUNKEN CITY is another straight-to-video children's fantasy flick from producer Charles Band, shot in Romania on the cheap but with lots of high-driving energy to just about see it through. Once again miniaturisation is the subject matter of the movie - Band seemed to be a man obsessed with it - with a couple of kids getting their hands on the titular shrunken city and doing battle with an alien race called the Ood who are determined to destroy it. Much of this is complete nonsense, of course, but the alien costumes are fun in a STAR TREK way and it's nice to see where starlet Agnes Bruckner started out, a decade before THE WOODS and the like. Director Ted Nicolaou is the man best known for helming the SUBSPECIES series of movies.

Review by Leofwine_draca from the Internet Movie Database.