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From Other Worlds

From Other Worlds (2004) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  88m  •    •  Directed by: Barry Strugatz.  •  Starring: Cara Buono, Jay Oakerson, Isaach De Bankolé, David Lansbury, Quinn Shephard, Jonah Meyerson, Robert Downey Sr., Lori Tan Chinn, Joel de la Fuente, Alberto Vazquez, Laura Esterman, David Smilow, Paul Lazar.  •  Music by: Pierre Földes.
     A depressed Brooklyn housewife sleepwalks through her life until she encounters an alien force in her backyard. With the help of a fellow contactee, an African immigrant, she is determined to solve the mystery of her otherworldly experiences.


I love a good schlock movie. Unfortunately this is not such a movie. They make several attempts but never quite get there. The acting however is spot-on.

Let's get the one objection to the movie out of the way: a totally disconnected, gratuitous F-bomb near the very end of the film that does nothing more than throw the film sideways. That along with a homeless man repeatedly giving someone the bird (in a not-at-all-funny manner), stabs a knife into the back of an otherwise interesting film. Both are just severely out of place in this film and makes the viewer wonder what the director was thinking.

Regarding the acting: the lead actress did very well, as did her husband and alien abductee counterpart. From the very first their roles were believable and convincing. The story line, interesting but not all that believable. It was somewhat fun romp, had some mystery, and made fun of some other movies.

In one scene she obsesses over orienting designs on cookies in a specific manner. While never really explained it was obvious they were poking fun at Close Encounters. The president of the local UFO club pulled his part off brilliantly. I don't know if his eye mannerisms were a natural defect or intentional, but they perfectly portrayed the semi-fruitcake part he presenting. He was supposed to be an oddball... and that's exactly what he was. The other characters were basically bit parts.

Review by Snootz from the Internet Movie Database.


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