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Apparatspott - Gerangel in Ruum un Tied

Apparatspott - Gerangel in Ruum un Tied (2003) Movie Poster
Germany  •    •  93m  •    •  Directed by: Martin Hermann.  •  Starring: Thomas Baier, Udo Burmeister, Hansjuergen Hespos, Karlheinz Hespos, Detlef Klussmann, Kerstin Kromminga, Dieter Köper, Ulrike Lamster, Armin Maiwald, Gerlind Rosenbusch, Michael Schumacher, Falko Weerts.  •  Music by: Martin Hermann.
     The blue planet is seriously endangered. The earth's entire supply of beer is in the hands of extraterrestrial Plengons. Beer prices rocket and the Sulingen village fair is looming - but how can there be a village fair with no beer? That simply won't do. And so the villagers persuade farmers Kork, Spick, Pulle, Schrotty and the cook to prepare the spaceship Apparatspott - a kind of liquid manure tank with boosters - for an expedition into space to get their hands on the necessary barley-juice.


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