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Blood of the Beast

Blood of the Beast (2003) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  74m  •    •  Directed by: Georg Koszulinski.  •  Starring: Georg Koszulinski, Matt Devine, Sharon Chudnow, Josh Breit, Natalie Sullivan, Markeia McCarty, Derrick Aguis, Brian Tamm, Carol Zarzecki, Charles Norton, Darrin Townsend, Leonardo Adrian Garcia, Emmi Nakagawa.  •  Music by: Georg Koszulinski, Steven Landis, Mike Maines.
     In 2012, the 3rd great war came to an end leaving over ninety-eight percent of the male survivors sterile. Cloning was developed to save the Human Race from extinction but 19 years after the first clones were made, problems arise...


Image from: Blood of the Beast (2003)
Image from: Blood of the Beast (2003)
Image from: Blood of the Beast (2003)
Image from: Blood of the Beast (2003)
George, if you're reading this (which I doubt), don't take it personally that I didn't care for "Blood Of The Beast". I'm sure it was a huge investment of time, effort, and all the money you could raise (and maybe some you couldn't really afford) to make it. I had some hopes in the beginning - there were flashes of interesting visuals here and there. And the atonal soundtrack added a lot to the feel and interest in the film.

But I hate it when film makers try to substitute jump cuts, jerky video, stock footage and arty edits for a clear sense of what's going on, especially during crucial plot points (like when the clonezombies appear by the farm house where the reverend and the campers are confronting each other. WTF actually happened???). And you went to that well a few times too many in this film. It may have been a budgetary decision as much as an artistic one, but in the end, I was sick of the whole thing.

Also, there was some pretty aggressive non-acting going on with some of the supporting cast, many of the ideas and themes brought up during the early moments of the movie weren't developed, and the completely nihilistic ending made the whole thing a bitter pill to swallow - I watched for an hour plus for THAT???

I hope you went on to bigger and better things - this movie showed that you had a lot of ambitions and things to just need a better writer and editor.

Review by lemon_magic from the Internet Movie Database.