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Helix... Loaded, The

Helix... Loaded, The (2005) Movie Poster
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  •  USA  •    •  97m  •    •  Directed by: A. Raven Cruz.  •  Starring: Scott Levy, Vanilla Ice, Geremy Dingle, Samantha Brooke, Dana Michael Woods, Dane Moreton, Brigett Fink, Eugene Kim, Moe Irvin, Christine Carlo, Delia Copold, Anthony Aniano, Cylk Cozart.  •  Music by: Michael S. Patterson, Stephen Viens.
     In a world where packaged enlightenment is available through course study, a band of free thinkers is out to break free. Join Nuvo, Infiniti, and Theo in their madcap adventures as they hunt for enlightenment and freedom with help from The Helix. What is The Helix? Just take the green Gummy Bear and find out


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Image from: Helix... Loaded, The (2005)
Image from: Helix... Loaded, The (2005)
The Helix Loaded is a low budget spoof of The Matrix trilogy, Minority Report, The Incredible Hulk, Fight Club and many more. As a low budget feature shot on miniDV it is certainly rough around the edges, though that adds to the charm. What elevates this film above the drek of low-budget indies are some surprisingly good special effects (impressive bullet-time, wire-fu effects) as well as its irreverent sense of psychedelic humor. This one has the potential to be a cult classic.

Who could not be charmed by a guy in a bunny suit, an enlightenment drug in the shape of a gummy bear and VANILLA ICE kicking ass?!? :-) And Scotty Levy's 'The Other One' is a dead-on take on Keannu Reeves.

Review by meltedbrain from the Internet Movie Database.