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Hwanggeum Nalgae 1.2.3.

Hwanggeum Nalgae 1.2.3. (1978) Movie Poster
South Korea  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Cheong-gi Kim.  •  Starring: Jehan Agrama, John Apicella, Robert Chamberlain, Gina Freidlander, Diana Gibson, James Monroe, Richard Robertson, Mel Rovia.  •  Music by: Chang-kwon Choi.
Young shy orphan Hyun lives with Professor Lee, who is designing a giant flying robot to help mankind. One day, Hyun comes across a badly wounded alien who crashed in a ravine, and he helps the humanoid creature reach its secret hideout. The alien turns out to be a policeman who is hunting an escaped criminal of his own species.


Image from: Hwanggeum Nalgae 1.2.3. (1978)
Image from: Hwanggeum Nalgae 1.2.3. (1978)
I grew up watching my copy of this movie billions of times. Totally loved it! Still do, but today I must admit that it's not a quality movie in any way.

The movie basically lacks logic. But who cares about logic in an action movie anyway... This movie will always have a special place in my heart.

The plot: This kid (Jack O'Neil) helps an alien that crashes with his space ship. The alien just happens to have a secret lab not far from where he crashes. In the lab he gives Jack superpowers to fight the evil alien Carsoon.

To help Goldwing (aka Jack O'Neil) in his quest to defeat Carsoon, the alien also gives him a robotic panther named... you guessed it, Panthera.

Review by jocke78 from the Internet Movie Database.


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