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Enemy of My Enemy, The

Enemy of My Enemy, The (2015) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  84m  •    •  Directed by: Michael Fredianelli.  •  Starring: Michael Fredianelli..
In the very near future, Jon Specter leads a boring and lonely existence as an out of work copyright editor. When he begins to suffer from a series of horrible nightmares, he seeks the help of a computerized psychologist that suggests a radical change to his current lifestyle. But before he can do much soul searching, Jon becomes embroidered in a synthetic web of deceit by a family of man-made clones and a mysterious figure claiming to be his father. As Jon slowly slips deeper into danger and his own paranoia, he begins to take drastic measures to regain his sanity and find his own answers in this mind.


THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY came and went (even for a Wild Dogs Production) largely under the radar. It's understandable why. One man show (and nearly just one location) movies are a hard sell. In addition, the movie comes across more like an experimental film. It's reminiscent of some of the student work of a George Lucas or David Cronenberg with some David Lynch thrown in. It's a weirdXtrippy sci-fi tale spun around malevolent clones. The plot is kept thin and the movie relies on suspense, scares, and do-it-yourself sci-fi effects. In a way, it plays out a lot like Fredianelli's early short XENOBITES (a one man show that was later adapted into a fully fledged feature), but with the polish expected from a more seasoned feature filmmaker. Certainly some of the special effects are impressive. The robot psychologists the main character visits are the best realized and the standout among them is a glowing disembodied mask surrounded by orbs. We also get a wire frame CGI therapist that appears to be stock footage, but nevertheless makes for some effective usage. By in large, ENEMY is paced well enough and short enough in runtime to still make for an easy watch. However, there's something empty about it. We don't come off by film's end with the goods delivered in the standard movie watching sense. We feel more like we've watched Fredianelli play in his sandbox by film's end than watch an actual narrative feature. Would ENEMY have worked better if it were a short? Perhaps. With a stronger beginning and end and less of a meandering mid-section, the film could be more effective. Certainly some fat could be shaved off when we're asked to sit through opening and closing credits only to see one man responsible for everything. In, sum ENEMY is an interesting experiment with some fun ideas, but it's not exactly the most accessible or entertaining film you could seek out.

Review by Pycal from the Internet Movie Database.