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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions (2004) Movie Poster
Spain  •    •  82m  •    •  Directed by: Carlos Atanes.  •  Starring: Xavier Tort, Anne Céline Auche, Manel Solás, Raúl Mena, Marta Timón, Antonio Vladimir, Neus Bernaus, Anna Diogene, Neus Suñé, Ana Lázaro, Paloma Povedano, Laura Petinal, Luisa Trujillo.  •  Music by: Xavier Tort.
     France in the near future; The Sisterhood of Metacontrol governs Europe. Angeline, an exemplary and irreproachable citizen has just joined the order... But her relationship with a special man, Nono, will make her question profoundly the principles of the Doctrine.


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