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Apparatspott - Dat mokt wie gistern

Apparatspott - Dat mokt wie gistern (2008) Movie Poster
Germany  •    •  108m  •    •  Directed by: Martin Hermann.  •  Starring: Meelah Adams, Thomas Baier, Sabine Bulthaup, Alex Design, Stefan Dökel, Tine Hallmann, Andreas Harbaum, Conny Heidmann, Hansjuergen Hespos, Karlheinz Hespos, Lars Hohlfeld, Arne Janssen, Udo Karduck.  •  Music by: Martin Hermann.
     A secret time tunnel - the Sulingen ''Tiedröhrn'' (STR) - causes a commotion. During her presentation the town mayor is projected into the past and gets lost. The governmental organisation ''B.I.S'' (farmers in black) commissions captain Kork and his ''Gadget Pot'' team to embark on a rescue mission.


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