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Candy Stripers

Candy Stripers (2006) Movie Poster
  •  USA  •    •  89m  •    •  Directed by: Kate Robbins.  •  Starring: Scott Aaronson, Brian Lloyd, Sarah McGuire, Brianna Berman, Deanna Brooks, Richard Burke, Monique Cooper, William Edwards Jr., Kevin Thomas Fee, Leah Foster, Terri Lynn Harris, Pearl Anne Lopez, Barry Ratcliffe.  •  Music by: Patrick Brocca.
        An Alien parasite takes over Candy Stripers and Nurses in a Hospital increasing their sex drive (and cravings for sugar), then using the screwed males as cocooned hosts for their unborn slimy babies. It's up to a few high school friends to save the day, however, only the sweetest girl of the bunch who happens to have diabetes seems to know how to stop this erotic but deadly alien Invasion.


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Image from: Candy Stripers (2006)
Image from: Candy Stripers (2006)
Image from: Candy Stripers (2006)
Image from: Candy Stripers (2006)
Image from: Candy Stripers (2006)
Candy Stripers starts as friends Matt (Brian Lloyd), Joey (William Edwards Jr.) & Brian (Kevin Thomas Fee) are injured in a basketball game. They are taken to a local hospital where it is discovered Matt has hurt his leg so is left in traction, Joey has a suspected broken wrist & Brian, well is just hurt. They all begin the road to recovery but Matt senses something strange is going on in the hospital, there appears to be some odd web like substance covering everything & all the candy stripers have been taken over by some slimy alien parasite thing for reasons which are never explained. Matt & his mates consider it their duty to rid the world of these alien parasites on their own because, well I don't actually.

Co-produced, co-written & directed by Kate Robbins I have to say that Candy Stripers is a pretty good damned poor film. The one notable aspect about Candy Stripers (apart from being total crap) is that the main creative force behind it were women, according to the credits Candy Stripers was written, produced & directed by women which only proves women can make a horror film as badly as any man. The script by Robbins & Jill Garson is awful, the sci-fi horror story is poorly thought out, developed & deeply unsatisfying. For a start the hospital in Candy Stripers is very underpopulated, where are all the patients & Doctors? They seem to have an over abundance of good looking candy stripers but in terms of patients & proper medical staff they have problems. Then there's the question I kept asking myself about where the hell were all the authorities? Since these candy stripers were killing everyone did the local police not think they should take action against them? The plot is sluggish & makes little sense, the character's are clichéd & do the most stupid things & the dialogue is awful.

Director Robbins does nothing to convince me women should be allowed to make films, I'm sorry but that's the way it is. She keeps the film moving along at a reasonably pace but it's all so poor, stupid & so far removed from reality it's impossible to be scared by it. There isn't even that much gore, there are a couple of poorly handled ripped out hearts, someone gets their head ripped off & someone gets shot in the forehead. The CGI computer effects are OK, the way the makers show the hospital blowing up at the end is to have the screen flash white! Those expecting lots of nudity & sex forget it, this is very tame & features little in the way of nudity. I live in the UK & to be honest I've never heard of the term candy striper, in truth I have absolutely no idea what a candy striper is or what they are supposed to do. We simply don't have them over here. One more thing, if you make it that far keep watching the end credits as there are some outtakes & behind the scenes fun footage.

Technically the film is strictly straight-to-videoDVD quality, it's alright but bland & forgettable with cheap looking special effects. Apparently shot in Los Angeles. The acting sucks too.

Candy Stripers is another poor low budget rubbishy sci-fi horror film that doesn't satisfy in any department. If you enjoy watching crap films then Candy Stripers is for you, otherwise steer clear of it. Not good.

Review by Paul Andrews from the Internet Movie Database.