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Arcanum (2009) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  80m  •    •  Directed by: Sanjay F. Sharma.  •  Starring: Deborah Baum, Ken Proulx, Sasha Smith, Yvette Virok.  •  Music by: David Kristian.
After discovering the "Arcanum," a camera-like object, Syd begins to document his own reality. But when he starts to view previously recorded stories, he notices that all who have used the device have come to some unfortunate end. Soon after, he begins to experience disturbing hallucinations and unwanted visions. Syd realizes he must uncover this mystery, or he will die.


Image from: Arcanum (2009)
Image from: Arcanum (2009)
Image from: Arcanum (2009)
Image from: Arcanum (2009)
I saw this film at the Fantasia Film festival in Montreal and despite the film being shown as a work in progress, the screening was packed. What followed was impressive enough to rate Arcanum a 10.

This film is indie but, knowing for how little it was made, exceeds expectations. I have seen Following, Pi, Primer, El Mariachi and as far as achieving much with little, I think this film surpasses them in scope. The film has several interesting characters, including scenes in Japanese and Mandarin, and some beautiful locales.

This is one of the few films I've seen, which attempts to explain the workings of the mind in such an intelligent way. The visuals are stimulating, and pulled together with the score, which is effective in further immersing the viewer into the journey.

In terms of story, it's ambitious. The subject approaches reality itself (think of a blend of Ringu, Waking Life, the Matrix, What the Bleep, and this gives a pale idea of Arcanum).

I would recommend seeing Arcanum, if you have the opportunity. I saw it late-night, which I find to be an ideal time to absorb this film's ideas, which are thought-provoking and offer plenty to reflect on.

Review by ninja-in-the-shell from the Internet Movie Database.