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Firefly (2005) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  104m  •    •  Directed by: Peter Marcy.  •  Starring: Lindsay Hinman, Peter Marcy, Chris Marcy, Devon Jorlett, Sara Persons, Joe Marcy, Adam Anderson, Brent Augustinack, Andy Reeves, Will Davis, Skip Reeves, Delta Shelby, Josh Hodney.  •  Music by: Adam Anderson, Peter Marcy.
    Del woke up in his truck, hung-over and covered with dirt. Brandt was found floating in a river. Susan was rushed to the hospital, bloody and cold. Bad things happened Halloween night. Now, a week before Christmas, Del is having nightmares, Brandt is losing confidence in his relationship, and Susan's memory of her assault is met with pity and doubt. There's also this strange bald guy, whose unexplained clairvoyance leads him to those in need. The answers will come at Christmas Eve.


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Image from: Firefly (2005)
Image from: Firefly (2005)
Image from: Firefly (2005)
I caught Firefly at the Bend film festival and it simply blew me away. It was easily the best film at the festival and one of the better movies I've seen in a long time. The movie focuses on 3 strangers who all have hazy memories of an occurrence on Halloween night. Two wake up the next morning in bizarre circumstances, not knowing how they got there. The other had been assaulted by 3 masked thugs and was being rushed to the hospital. The movie then jumps ahead to 5 days before Christmas and the secret of what happened starts to come clear to the 3 characters over a 5-day period. The plot moves quickly and the fact there there were a few story lines to follow wasn't a huge problem. They do a great job of building on the mystery and even adding some new dimensions and characters to it as the film races along. After several twists, some good laughs and a few thrills, the movie finishes perfectly.

Review by edweiland [IMDB 13 October 2007] from the Internet Movie Database.