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Forgotten (2017) Movie Poster
Pakistan  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: M. Fahad Khan.  •  Starring: Syed Nooman Rizvi..
After moving into a new home, Yu-seok is brutally kidnapped by mysterious assailants. After he disappears, Jin-seok, Yu-seok's younger brother who suffers from nervous breakdowns, begins to have hallucinations every night. Miraculously, Yu-seok returns 19 days after his disappearance, and tells his family that he lost all of his memory due to shock. Jin-seok was glad to have his older brother back at first, but grows suspicious of him as he feels that something has changed ever since he returned. Jin-seok follows Yu-seok to see where he disappears to every night and faces a shocking truth.


I really love south-korean films, I tried really hard to like it. The thriller starts okay, It really gets you into the plot, wondering what's going to happen next.

But after the first really big plot-twist that happens like 30-40 minutes after the start of the film, the amount of plot-twist is just ridiculous.

Is like if you're watching a film about a family of squirrels, and then happens that one squirrel is actually a cat, but the squirrel's brother was actually a cat, and they were actually living in a dumpster and then all of this was actually a dog's dream.

I may be overreacting there but I was really disappointed with the film. The setup is really great, you have the spooky house, something odd with the family, really thrilling sequences, but man, they pushed it too hard.

Is something nice to watch if you don't have any other option. Isn't the worst south-korean film ever made. But is a shame the amount of wasted opportunities here.

The acting is good, nothing clumsy. The scenes are really good filmed. The story is intriguing until it gets to the plot-twist hurricane. The character's motivations are a little bit too extreme, you get to the end wondering:-"Why did they took so much trouble to do all this?" and there's a couple of plot holes that were a little bit unsettling.

But hey, again if you don't have anything better to watch give it a try.

Review by agustintomaslarghi from the Internet Movie Database.