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Doctor Infierno

Doctor Infierno (2007) Movie Poster
Spain  •    •  84m  •    •  Directed by: Paco Limón.  •  Starring: Arturo De Bobadilla, David Ransanz, Belinda Fernández, Jorge Gallego, Pat Polo, José Torija, Raquel Escribano, Ana Luna, Almudena Rubio, Jaime Buesa, Roberto Yagüe Enríquez, David Benedicte, Javier Calvo.  •  Music by: Joan Pla, Jorge Alberto Sánchez.
     Doctor Infierno, who's actually a gynecologist, found one single cure for all the major diseases in the world. In exchange for a worldwide and free distribution of the medicine, our good doctor only asks for one thing... World domination! Meanwhile, he tries to get rid of some of his human guinea pigs, but the medicine gave them superhuman strengths and they fight back.


Image from: Doctor Infierno (2007)
Image from: Doctor Infierno (2007)
turn after turn, from the original b-movies, the homages and parodies have been changing, like the photocopy of a photocopy, and so on. call this a "Spanish flavor" turn of that cycle. at this time of history, the recipe is set. ingredients: 1 oz. of horror, 3 tbsp. of action and 2 12 cups of comedy. add your flavor of choice and don't spoil it with any attempts of telling a "big story". this is fun, that's it, and the references are clear: 80's TV, comic books, b-movie classics and contemporary digital independent cinema.

from dogma to troma, many things have happened and this movie is aware, yet it's decided to take what it needs from them and then ignore the whole thing just to go another way.

visually, it's very much influenced by hongkongese, Japanese and u.s. films, yet in dialogs and acting, the main reference we must search resides in Spanish 60's and 70's movies, from berlanga to the crappy pajares & esteso films. as it's very usual in spaniard comedy, many of the characters (from doctor infierno himself to most of the secondaries) are based on other "characters" from real life: the "actors" that play their own cracks and jokes, that imprint their "freaky" personalities into the choral excuse plot line. as i said, pure cult b-movie, yet very well done! characters like the mad megalomaniac gynecologist, the mysterious assassin with an identity crisis, the nurse with the endless rage or the deadliest comedy relief ever seen are just the tip of an iceberg full of unexpected secondary characters designed to provoke surprise and an endless frenzy of plain entertainment, without complexes.

you might notice the "low budget" feeling in certain tiny details, and a hard work and resourcefulness in the rest of an impressive yet not at all pretentious piece of film making. technically, the narrative pulse is controlled shot by shot with precise rhythm, never leaving the viewer much time to think. just sit back, relax, have a laughter and enjoy the thrill. freaks with make-up and without it, pursuits, gore, jokes, action, terror... even fights and many unexpected surprises. this is delirium, so don't try to make much sense out of it.

this movie is made for us, the young adults, the rejects of a failed generation x that fount an escape in the fight club, but yet never have enough. from "bad taste" to "los bingueros" and further away from it... welcome to the most pleasurable and delirious infierno. let's hope this is just the first step of many freaky underground and fresh fun to come.

Review by javitrino from the Internet Movie Database.