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Dead Americans

Dead Americans (2010) Movie Poster
USA  •    •    •  Directed by: Ken Collins.  •  Starring: Ken Collins, Jay Hewlett, Andrea Forcina, Heidi Caldwell, Kara Clem, Chip Bent, Lynn Downey, Robert Lucchesi, Martin Feuerbach, Shivani Thakkar, Kenn Bradley, Andy Kovac, Courtney Sara Bell.  •  Music by: Mario Vaz De Mello.
    Consumed by rage after losing his wife on 9/11, Michael Penn enlists in the military with an obsession for vengeance on the battlefield. Penn soon becomes entangled in a deadly black project designed to generate the ultimate assassin. Renamed: "Sandman," Penn and sleeper-killers like him find themselves in a brutal game on the streets of America where they can come off the board at any time.


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