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Children of the Hunt

Children of the Hunt (2009) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  92m  •    •  Directed by: Matthew B. Moore.  •  Starring: David H. Stevens, Paul Shaw, Darren Dalton, Crystal Largen, Alexander Isaiah Thomas, Jacques Shy, Larry Parks, David Lowe, Juan-Carlos Guzman, Jake Adams, Sam Carr, Patrick Downey, Jay Jones.  •  Music by: Jim Boitnott.
     2052. The Brother of Mars Corporation sponsors the hunting of humans for sport in a bleak future. Corporate employee Morgan Farber finds himself being forced into the game as one of the hunted after he speaks out against it. To better his chances of survival, Farber forms an uneasy alliance with a primitive tribe known as the Garbage People.


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Image from: Children of the Hunt (2009)
Image from: Children of the Hunt (2009)
Image from: Children of the Hunt (2009)
In the future the Brotherhood of Mars corporation has camps set up where hunting "unwanted" is legal. There are rules of engagement. Hunters get to wear protective shell suits that last for twelve and a half minutes. When one of the Brotherhood is forced out of the corporation and becomes one of the hunted, he gives them secrets that evens the odds.

This is a low budget film shot in North Carolina. While the acting is better than most low budget indies, it is still Asylum grade. Perhaps a low budget SyFy film would be the best way to describe the quality. The production is formulaic as you know where it goes and unfortunately it takes too long to get there, leaving me a bit bored along the way. Kudos for what they did on their budget, but they needed to beef up the film more with decent dialogue.

Review by Michael Ledo from the Internet Movie Database.