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2B (2009) Movie Poster
USA  •    •    •  Directed by: Richard Kroehling.  •  Starring: James Remar, Kevin Corrigan, Jane Kim, Hayley DuMond, Florencia Lozano, John Christian Plummer, Ronald Guttman, Larry Pine, Bradley White, Stuart Burney, Robert Cuthill, Jihae, John Pielmeier..
    When the world's first transhuman is created by a renegade corporate CEO and bioscientist, the foundations of society's beliefs are threatened in a transhuman world where man merges with technology.


Image from: 2B (2009)
Image from: 2B (2009)
Image from: 2B (2009)
Image from: 2B (2009)
In many ways, 2B is playing devil's advocate against some of the most well known Sci-Fi classics. While watching, my mind thought of West World (1973), The Stepford Wives (1975) and most present while viewing was Frankenstein (1931) and how all three represented the dangers of technology and science. 2B embraces it.

The movie begins in 2017 where science has evolved to the point that Dr. Tom Mortlake (James Remar) is able to bring into existence what he calls a Transbeman. Mia (Jane Kim) his gorgeous and loyal creation is immortal and a more evolved human being. She calls Mortlake father and follows every instruction given. Mortlake's intentions are honorable as he wants to end wars, death and destruction.

Vlog sensation, club owner and writer Clayton Konroy (Kevin Corrigan) despises Mortlake as he believes the man is playing God and that his ego has taken control. He writes an unauthorized biography and meets up with his agent to discuss the release. In a small pub, Clayton arrives late and finds it hard to stay focused while a news program highlighting Mortlake is on a television behind them. It isn't until he is told that no one wants to release his book and that he is fired, that his attention shifts.

Meanwhile, Mia is on a mission aided by a computer system named Dave that ensures her safety. Her mission is to shoot Mortlake in the back of the head while the cameras and news watch in horror and then go to Konroy to Vlog her story.

A reporter named Nicole St. John (Hayley DuMond) goes into attack mode and wants Mia to be caught by the police. She's overzealous, sensationalistic, and obviously in it for the ratings -' basically Nancy Grace.

Clayton is taken aback by Mia's presence as he had tried to interview her before but wasn't allowed. He is hesitant to help her but intrigued. She confesses that Mortlake ordered her to shoot him as he himself is going to be a Transbeman. She has a book with a mind file which will bring him back to life as a Transbeman, giving him immortality without the skin of a human.

Clayton agrees to Vlog her interview and begins by asking about her anatomy in the most vulgar of ways. She is shocked by his language as she and her father had a deal that whenever he swore he had to give her money. Clayton explains that words don't mean anything and as an avid believer in the First Amendment doesn't hold back with language at all.

There is an obvious strong attraction between the two and the chemistry is fantastically hot. He takes her to his club so he can have a few drinks and record her Vlog.

Later, when Mia swears twice during conversation, it makes him want her. She is more than a willing participant until he asks if Mortlake and her had sex. She takes offense and backs away. He begins getting revved as he speaks about Mortlake, the hatred resurfacing. He tells her there's no way that he would make a creation like her without intentions beyond holding hands. He gets more intense as he talks and says he hated the doctor because he played God. What hits Mia the hardest is when Clayton says that he's glad Mortlake is dead. They begin a heated argument where she says he isn't. She pushes him against the window in anger but then the attraction between the two takes over and they kiss. Afterwards, Clayton unsurprisingly has a change of heart and simply says "ok".

She tells him, she has to allow herself to get caught and killed by the police and asks him to put the Vlog up and follow her computer system's instructions on how to bring them back. He agrees and the Vlog is aired worldwide and gets over a million hits on the web within moments. St. John goes on a overblown rampage about the Vlog and about Mia. Clayton hacks into the news channel and tells her off with such relevance, intelligence and charisma. I wish someone would hack the 24 hour news networks, starting with Fox news to call out the bullshit as Clayton did in this film.

You can't take your eyes off of Kevin Corrigan in this movie. Clayton is like a combination of Edward R. Murrow and Lenny Bruce. He has conviction and dedication, but can fly off the handle easily. He's a good guy who attracts so many viewers because of his raw and real honesty which is attractive as hell.

Jane Kim was sensational as Mia. She expressed strength, apprehension and undying devotion in a naturalistic manner which made her relatable. The film was smart enough not to have her quirky or stupid as so many films about cloning or creating life does. There isn't comedic moments at her expense. There are many funny moments during the conversations with Mia and Clayton but it was conversational and not demeaning or surrounding the fact that she was an evolved immortal being on a mission from her creator.

Her character was believable, sympathetic and without question as a viewer I was on her side and happily accepted the idea of the Transbeman. One of the touching aspects of Mia is that she does have an innocence to her. She describes how she loves fairy tales. Though she enjoys the dark aspects and the fear inducing portions, her love for happily ever after endings surpasses all else.

Simply put, this movie is not one to watch while multi-tasking. It's a deep, analytical, thought-provoking movie which challenges the viewer to rethink their thoughts on mortality in an original and philosophical manner that supports science and evolving ideas.

Without exaggeration, this is Rod Serling territory. It is as good and as challenging as Serling's work.

Review by Melissa_Antoinette_Garza from the Internet Movie Database.