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Cicak-man (2006) Movie Poster
Malaysia  •    •  107m  •    •  Directed by: Yusry Abd Halim.  •  Starring: Saiful Apek, Fasha Sandha, Aznil Hj Nawawi, Yusry Abd Halim, Adlin Aman Ramlee, AC Mizal, Yasmin Hani, Jalaluddin Hassan, Aziz Sattar, M. Rajoli, Shaharuddin Thamby, Zulkifli Zain, Arash Mohd..  •  Music by: Yusry Abd Halim.
     Hairi works at Klon Technologies searching new vaccines for new diseases. He's too shy to approach Tania, the girl he loves (Professor Klon's secretary) and awkward enough to swallow a ''cicak''-lizard which fell in his cup of coffee. The lizard was contaminated by a new virus and Hairi will gains some characteristics of the ''cicak''. A new super hero is born: Cicakman. Hairi's joint-tenant (and best friend) works with him at Klon Technologies, too, and he suspects Professor Klon of creating and spreading new viruses, just to improve his business' turn-over and his profit. But how to establish the tycoon's misbehavior? They need to enter and seek through Professor Klon's office, thus, they need Tania's pass to clear the security devices... and Hairi is too shy, too awkward... The ''cicak'' (say ''Chichak'') is the Malay name of a little lizard (gecko?) able to walk the window-panes and the ceiling, and the Malayan brats are used to throw rubber bands at, just to have it fall. The characters' play is at once humorous (Hairi), overdone (Prof. Klon and the Ginger twins) or serious (Danny, Tania), and many viewers can be surprised and dislike this mixture. Now, you won't be surprised, so will you like it?


First of all, I would blame who ever the hell that make the "cicak man" suits. I mean come on. The suit look outrageous and hideous. They need to fire whoever came out with the suit!

Second, The movie audio seems to be quite desynced with the video itself. A YouTube video is better synced than this movie!

Third, the acting is so-so. The main protagonist is a well known comedy actor in Malaysia. Well you can get the entertainment from that at least. Her love interest thought on the other hand, Tania is so cringeworthy I can barely watch it.

Fourth, the CGI although it looked really bad, I must say it's a positive side from a Malaysian movie. Well you can't compare the CGI to the current CGI.

Review by recksme from the Internet Movie Database.