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Cicak Man 3

Cicak Man 3 (2015) Movie Poster
Malaysia  •    •    •  Directed by: Ghaz Abu Bakar, Yusry Abd Halim.  •  Starring: Zizan Razak, Lisa Surihani, Fizz Fairuz, Bell Ngasri, Yus Jambu, Adam Corrie, Rykarl Iskandar, Azizah Mahzan, Rashidi Ishak, Sathiya.  •  Music by: Edry Abdul Halim.
    Cicakman, the former superhero of Metrofulus had disappeared with people claiming Cicakman is dead or has retired. In his absence, the new superhero known as SuperBro has emerged and become the former defender of Metrofulus.


The Inconsistencies in the film is so much that I go "what the hell?" every now and then while watching 1)the opening scene with Superbro beating up a bunch of transgenders felt wrong in many levels. 2)A girl next door is being harassed, but Man walks away to his house? totally forgets inform to the police and he then continues to un-box the box he found and it's only after he discovers he has been chosen as the new Cicakman, that he goes down to halt the attack, hours later! Wouldn't she be already be in trouble by then!!?? 3) Dude had to put some drugs in him before he can turn to Cicak Man - a syringe he finds inside the case, now why the hell would I inject myself with a syringe that I don't know where it's been or what's in it??? But it's kinda plausible for "Man" as he's some kind of a DUFUS. 4) Are they really implying SuperBro sodomized JoJo, Man's friend? Haha really!?!? 5) Adam threatens to bury the son alive for eavesdropping?? And he wants to woo his mother?? 6) Adam shot an innocent sound mixer guy in the head for basically no reason! 7) And he also shot explosive round on a freaking baby's carriage!!!??? OMG. That's it! I'm out of here. The writing in this film is absolute garbage. Character's decision-making makes absolutely no sense!

In terms of the superhero stuff, I have to say they did a bit of a good job; the parts where Man starts finding his true potential and unlocking his ability with his tongue, his moves in combat, wall climbing and all are entertaining even though it's very familiar. I also liked the bit where after Cicakman saved the day at the train station, Superbro came and took credit, I thought it was good and had the film keeps it that way it'd would been better than the hot mess it is. The parts where Man is struggling to balance his supe life and personal life, while formulaic it's fun to watch but the whole father-son relationship, soon-to-be ex wife and the bad guy trying to court the protagonist's wife turns out to be evil is very generic, cliche, formulaic, derivative, ( and every other word in the dictionary that means "something is overused or extremely unoriginal") lol. I thought how he come to possessed the Cicak man suit and gadgets could have been creative. Dude is walking one day and he just finds it?! Come on, now that's too easy! This film despite being very derivative of other prominent superhero films, it couldn't do it correctly. It's like the smart kid in class has done his homework and he gives it to you, to copy but you still couldn't copy it correctly.

The action scenes are good but not great, the choreography looks awfully staged. And you could see how the wire is holding everything (tho not visible). The Cinematography is good if not considering the whole blurry, waxy look of the film and everything looks so yellow during the day, which is a turn off. The special effects well, are not special but they are mostly ok if you're willing to not bat an eyelid. The music is below average.

Overall, Cicakman 3 despite being a comedy superhero film, I barely laugh throughout, however, the acting is serviceable I must say. In whole the film has a good entertainment value but the writing and the directing are what let the film down and you could call them real villain of the movie.

Review by Abdulxoxo from the Internet Movie Database.