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Que Habita las Alturas, El

Que Habita las Alturas, El (2009) Movie Poster
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Mexico  •    •  87m  •    •  Directed by: Fernando C. Finck, J. Xavier Velasco, Alejandro Voorduin.  •  Starring: Arcelia Ramírez, Ana Layevska, Martín Zapata, Susana Saldaña, Cristian Carballido, Rodrigo Angoitia, Guadalupe Balderas, Karla Blanco, Sergio Cuevas, Marco De Arcangelis, Manuel Domínguez, Joshua Gil, Shennag Helguera.  •  Music by: Alejandro Bonilla.
    Emma, Hernán and Teresa live inside a tall building where there is no way out. A strange and powerful presence, the Heights Dweller, keeps all trapped for ever against their will as they go on with their life without any knowledge of their imprisonment. These three characters must find out the truth and do whatever is in their power to get out. However, the Heights Dweller is always watching, ready to use the force to drown any seed of rebellion.


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