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Apollo 54

Apollo 54 (2007) Movie Poster
Italy  •    •  98m  •    •  Directed by: Giordano Giulivi.  •  Starring: Duccio Giulivi, Luca Silvani, Giordano Giulivi, Mariapina Bellisario, Silvano Bertolin, Tamara Boggiano, Silvano Corsi, Franca Macrelli.  •  Music by: Duccio Giulivi.
     What are those strange symbols that have been interrupting television broadcasts for days? Who sends them? The media is also wondering about the nature of the phenomenon that threatens to become more and more out of control. And what is that strange cable that the young scientist Bobby Joe finds unexpectedly? These are the events that give birth to the adventure that will lead Bobby Joe to venture into the space together with his co-pilot Jim Bob, on the spaceship he considers strong and faultless, the Apollo 54.


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