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Capitan Basilico

Capitan Basilico (2008) Movie Poster
Italy  •    •  120m  •    •  Directed by: Massimo Morini.  •  Starring: Davide Ageno, Ale, Maurizio Baggetta, Kocc Barma, Alessandra Bo, Maurizio Borzone, Massimo Bosso, Fausto Brizzi, Nino Cancilla, Simone Carabba, Gianni Casella, Luca Cassol, Michele Caviglia..
     Capitan Basilico, first Ligurian superhero, is always ready to help everyone. But he's busy with the terrible jealousy of Regina, his beautiful ex-girlfriend. After stealing some important monuments, she abducts him in order to accuse him of the crimes.


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