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Kounterclockwise in Forever-Land

Kounterclockwise in Forever-Land (2014) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  57m  •    •  Directed by: Jim Lujan.  •  Starring: Deacon Burns, Scott Hinze, Jim Lujan, Kaya Rogue.  •  Music by: Kounterclockwise, Jim Lujan.
    FOREVER-LAND is a hidden dimension where strange characters, creatures, and lands exist under the iron harsh rule of Infinitus...destroyer of all things funky. Kounterclockwise has been transported to this dimension to retrieve "the glove", an item of cosmic importance, from the clutches of Infinitus. "Who shall wear the glove shall rule the funk of 40 thousand years". Can Kounterclockwise save the universe from the reign of Infinitus, restoring the order of the funk , and rock the crowd in the process?