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Future (2016) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  60m  •  Directed by: G.M. Whiting.  •  Starring: Brock Brazda, Gabriel Michael, Lil' Soulman, London Williams.  •  Music by: G.M. Whiting.
    In the future, when the world is reduced to nothing but futuristic nuclear and chemical war, the last remaining humans in the area must fight and battle against an army of Cyborg Robot Clones. Each clone looks the same, but has a different personality based on the type of clothes they wear, but they each have one motive.... to destroy and eliminate the human race.


The film itself has some low quality factors about it, but despite this fact it is quite entertaining! I would suggest a few more filming areas, and more storyline (as I felt it was slightly slow in many parts). Still, I personally enjoyed it and hope to see more (better than or) like this in the future! Keep up the good work.

Review by nextgencinema from the Internet Movie Database.