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Signals 2

Signals 2 (2013) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  107m  •    •  Directed by: Carlos Etzio Roman.  •  Starring: Carlos Etzio Roman, Sharon Carpenter-Rose, Tracy Roman, Kevin Troy, Don Brittenham, Bruce Allen Dawson, Sandy Lisiewski, Mary Amerson, Pablo A. Rodriguez, Tom Lyle, Carla Renee, Danny D'Amico, Ted Taylor.  •  Music by: Andrew O'Donnell.
    Inspired by the actual CIA mind-control experimentation project, MK-Ultra, 'Signals 2' is the second installment of the sci-fi feature tetralogy series, 'Signals.' The storyline continues to follow Nick Marconi, an American soldier victimized by his government's experiments upon him. Tortured by the life and death decisions he must make everyday as he meets people in need of his healing powers, he trudges on, unable to age or die, in search of a son he never knew, and yet the boy also possesses the same powers.


Image from: Signals 2 (2013)
Image from: Signals 2 (2013)
A very funny Buddy-Cop movie with a twist! 'Signals II' is the second in a Tetralogy series based on the true CIA experiments of the 1960's. Yes, the Principal Character has Special Powers. Yes, 'Signals I' won the Academy's 2010 Best Stunt Scene Award. Yes, 'Signals II' sets the story for the big White-House-Down Scene in 'Signals III' due in 2014. But, more importantly, in 'Signals 2' there are two distinct sets of Buddies, i.e., Two 2-Man FBI Teams. Each Team has their own unique and sometimes hilarious personality-dynamics. This has never been done before to this extent.

WriterDirector Carlos Etzio Roman obviously made a commitment to make a quality film. He recorded in Dolby Surround-Sound so you will have no problem hearing all the jokes. He filmed it in High-Definition, so it Premiered in June, 2013 on I-Max. There are some great One-Liners and overall it works very well. The film will have you laughing while watching and smiling when talking about it later with your friends. 'Signals II' should be out on DVD soon. Hopefully, these four FBI buddies will be back to entertain us again in 'Signals III.'

Review by Lawrence Whitener from United States from the Internet Movie Database.