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Arbors, The

Arbors, The (2018) Movie Poster
  •    •  119m  •    •  Directed by: Clayton Witmer.  •  Starring: Ryan Davenport, Drew Matthews..
Ethan Daunes discovers a mysterious small creature that soon grows to consume his life.


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Saw this film on the program of the Nashville Film Festival. Based on the initial few votes (rating this highly) and as a huge SciFi fan, I went in with hopeful expectations. Oh goodness what a terrible let down - a SLOW, dreary, boring, pointless movie.

I sincerely don't relish being critical of any artistic project, and realize this took a lot of people many hundreds of hours of time effort to make. Everyone has a different perspective and some people (goodness knows who) might enjoy this. If you are into SLOW moody atmospheric movies screen it for yourself and see. But by the end of the movie I was honestly just praying for it to be over. It just didn't work for me at all.

In the event this gets some straight to video or streaming distribution, someone really needs to get busy in the editing room. Perhaps if the movie had been SIGNIFICANTLY trimmed, and had only had a run time of 60 to 80 minutes, it wouldn't have came across as bad. But honestly there wasn't enough story here to even make a tight 30 minute episode of the Twilight Zone, much less a 2 hour feature film. I guess on a technical level these guys have been to film school and it looks great, with interesting lighting and camera work at times. The creature in the film (a cross between a spider and the Alien) was a let down, and didn't scare or excite me in the least. IMHO this is anything but a modern horror SciFi classic.

Honestly didn't enjoy this one at all, and felt like this film was a complete waste of my time. Rarely take time to enter a review, but came here to save you the same fate. A friend who watched it with me felt even more negatively, so it wasn't just me. Given the limited number of days and large number of choices at the film festival, sure wish we'd have spent these 2 hours elsewhere!

Review by rod_serling from the Internet Movie Database.