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Süper Adam Istanbul'da

Süper Adam Istanbul'da (1972) Movie Poster
Turkey  •    •  54m  •    •  Directed by: Yavuz Yalinkiliç.  •  Starring: Erdo Vatan, Safiye Yanki, Hayati Hamzaoglu, Metin Yanki, Hasan Ceylan, Ihsan Gedik, Yesim Yükselen, Ekrem Gökkaya, Deniz Çimenli, Oktay Yavuz, Osman Han, Resit Çildam, Mehmet Ali Güngör..
Super Adam is at it again in this "must-see" for fans of ultra weird and hyper rare cinema.


Image from: Süper Adam Istanbul
Image from: Süper Adam Istanbul
Image from: Süper Adam Istanbul
What a movie this is! This may be the worst of all the movies I've ever seen! This ridiculous Turkish rip off of some serious super hero stories is so awfully bad, but fortunately it has some turkey elements which make it "enjoyable" to watch without totally fainting. The film tells something about some guy who is in fact Super Adam who saves people 'n stuff. Do I really need to tell more? You get the point by hearing this and that the film's name is Super Adam.

During this film, you really thank those who invented fast forward button, since it is a DEFINITE MUST to use during this film. I didn't use it very much during this film, but occasionally it was more than necessary. Once the "action" started, then the film was okay to watch without fast forwarding. The action consists of laughable fight scenes and the over all film is very amateurish. No one acts, the music is horrible, the characters annoying in their stupidity, and the whole film is so laughable piece of trash it gains even little sympathy from me. This is a must for fans of ultra weird and hyper rare cinema, but I can almost guarantee, no one can actually watch this bore fest without fast forwarding.

This film is on the limit which separates good and bad turkeys, and I think this is right in the middle. The last action scene is fun to watch in its campiness so due to the fact that this managed to make me laugh and smile occasionally, I give this 210 instead of 110.

Review by Bogey Man from the Internet Movie Database.