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She Alien

She Alien (2009) Movie Poster
USA / Argentina  •    •  89m  •    •  Directed by: Milos Twilight.  •  Starring: Jenae Altschwager, Ed Brigadier, Alena Cechakova, Analia Centurion, Vanessa Cooper, Robert Donavan, Elissa Dowling, Eduardo Elay, Patty Lema, Steven Man, Kristin Novak, Alena Novotna, Chanel Ryan.  •  Music by: Emilio Castro, Simon Taylor, Milos Twilight, Walter Villafane.
Scientists use alien DNA to create a "sex"-traterrestrial who escapes from them and goes on a carnal rampage.


I was immediately suspicious when I saw that only 24 people before me had rated this movie, and it averaged a 5.9 (?) with the title of 'She Alien'. This is a fine movie if you like middle-of-the-night 'skin-emax' type soft porn. But even saying that, it actually looks like it was made in the 80's. Personally, I wasn't impressed. The opening suggests that this is one of a series of similar movies with low production values and so-so special effects. I couldn't recommend this to any serious movie buff.

Review by boxers567 from the Internet Movie Database.