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Mission Park

Mission Park (2010) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  92m  •    •  Directed by: Chip Perro.  •  Starring: Chip Perro, Sam Pannier, Lauren Guglielmello, Casey Preston, Christopher G. Pike, Mia Van De Water, Lindsay Poole, Michael Tarara, Robert Grayson, David Ryan Kopcych, Rick Perro..
    Boston is the city where the superhero team Mission Park comes to life in a vivid comic book world. Despite the team's strained relations, a threat is festering in their home town, and with stakes at an all-time high, team Mission Park will unite for a single night to crush an evil plot initiated by the villainous Executive. Tessa Faux leads the team as the seductive socialite vigilante. Apple Orchard is the prim and proper sidekick who doesn't swear, doesn't lie but does lug around an assault rifle to blow away criminals. Chris Ember is the fiery anarchist with a vast array of powers that are actually symptoms of a virus that's killing him. Timothy Note is only in the game for the glory, and Victor Strength is the world's strongest man. The saga opens up as Chris Ember is recruited by the Boston Police Department to diffuse a time bomb situation...


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