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Dead Can't Dance, The

Dead Can't Dance, The (2010) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  98m  •    •  Directed by: Rodrick Pocowatchit.  •  Starring: Rodrick Pocowatchit, Guy Ray Pocowatchit, T.J. Williams, Randall Aviks, Wade Hampton, Michael 'Archie' Archibold, Christopher Arena, Anthony Caster, Joshua Cates, Zachary Cates, David Dillinger Jefferis, Tonia Land, Chelsea Lee..
    Three Native Americans discover they are somehow immune to a virus that's turning everyone else into zombies.


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The Dead Can't Dance is a clever telling of a zombie thriller in Native American style. The subtext is compelling and you find yourself easily drawn into the lives of the characters. Their journey is really not about surviving this new zombie state of the country, but more about the changing of their own states of mind. With laugh out loud witticisms and thought provoking discussions, you realize that after all that Native American's have survived, the zombies won't stand a chance. The truth of the story offers a poignant and sweetly poetic twist that leaves you feeling content. The inclusion in some scenes of an eloquent Native American language with subtitles makes this a well seasoned feature film that will go a long way towards removing the cloak of invisibility from Native America.

Review by StolenNation from the Internet Movie Database.