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Embers of the Sky

Embers of the Sky (2010) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  92m  •    •  Directed by: Justin Calen Chenn.  •  Starring: Hayley J Williams, Maria Olsen, Rowena Sumner, Garrett Liggett, Julie Crisante, Kevin Marron, Craig Archibald, Rachel Rath, Skip Pipo, Natalie Hope MacMillan, Sherill Turner, Napoleon Ryan, Travis Greenstreet.  •  Music by: Dave Holden.
    An anthology of three short films that tells three different stories about three female protagonists and their respective journeys to find peace. Along the way, each overcomes many hard struggles, wild characters, and emotional conflicts as they battle to find inner freedom. 'A Song For Swan' revolves around aliens on Earth, 'The Reve' centers around a realm not of our world, and 'Since' takes place in a parallel dimension.


Image from: Embers of the Sky (2010)
I received a screener of this film and after viewing it, and then reading about the writer-director's story, I was touched, and impressed by what he had fought through in his life. That tenacity, strength, and emotional honesty shows through in Justin's work. The writing is it's best trait, the sure-handed shots second, with the direction of his actors coming in a close third. You can tell he's in sync with them, and they with him (despite the unique material). While production value was sometimes lacking (it was a micro-budget film after all), everything else more then makes up for it. If he ever finds a producer and a team of people who understand him, his vision and is trusting enough to let him fulfill it on his next film, then you can definitely count me in when it comes out.

Review by jaylen-zee from the Internet Movie Database.