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Gol a Gol

Gol a Gol (2010) Movie Poster
Brazil  •    •  89m  •    •  Directed by: Fábio Allon, Adriano Esturilho.  •  Starring: Pedro Albigo, Giuly Biancato, Juliana Biancato, Leandro Daniel Colombo, Luciana Dal Ri, Ana Clara Fischer, Andrew Knoll, Tiago Luz, There Postui, Ângela Stadler, DéBora Vecchi, Ciliane Vendrúscolo, Mauro Zanatta.  •  Music by: Adriano Esturilho.
    In an imaginary future, Pedro lives alone and tired of working at Sol[ar]is insurance company - where he sells life insurance against environmental hazards. Going back and forth to his nostalgic past and hopeless future, in an environmental point of view, where historical facts mix up with fantasy, our character goes through his memories and childhood desires, in a dreamy atmosphere marked by symbolism.


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