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Escape from New Jersey

Escape from New Jersey (2010) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  45m  •    •  Directed by: Chris R. Notarile.  •  Starring: Hector De La Rosa, Kim Santiago, Roberto Lombardi, William Kucmierowski, Emmanuel Brown, Thomas Daniel, Chris R. Notarile, Sayerville Surgeon, Cassandra Bodzak, Ken Smith, Mike Fass, Kevin Lennon, Christina Sampson..
    Picking up right where John Carpenter's "Escape From New York" ended, we find Snake Plissken stuck in New Jersey with his new found freedom on the line when his path crosses that of Armando Barone, the crime kingpin of the Garden State. With his Presidential pardon in Barone's grasp, Snake is once again forced to re-steal the money that got him sent to New York Prison in the first place. Can Snake pull off the job? Will he ever truly be free? But more importantly, can he escape New Jersey?


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Image from: Escape from New Jersey (2010)
Image from: Escape from New Jersey (2010)
Image from: Escape from New Jersey (2010)
Image from: Escape from New Jersey (2010)
Like the title explains this is a fun 13 minute flick with people reviving good ol' snake. Simple story. Lotta clichés and copy-pasted moments from the other films and you will basically keep telling yourself "hey...I've seen that before" etc etc.

That doesn't make it bad though considering the Snake Plissken franchise is frozen being a fan just enjoys this for what it is. Its fun and cool that these guys made this. But I'd say it's strictly for the fanboys out there.

Review by angiris
from the Internet Movie Database.