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Antihero (2011) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  84m  •    •  Directed by: Joseph Weindl.  •  Starring: Brian Gartland, Joseph Carlson, Nicole Carter, Ryan Asher, Nicklas Aliff, Dallas Tolentino, Bob Talcott, Michael Sater, Malik Akbar, Charles Raintree, Autumn Hord, Mike Marunde, Josh Marin.  •  Music by: Ryan Corbitt, Trey Pollard.
    Pork Rind is a busboy with sticky fingers and a belly full of cheap beer. When he realizes a psychic power he never knew he had, he and best friend, Weezie, embark on an all-too-easy burglary spree. Due in part to this new-found power, Pork Rind and Weezie keep finding themselves in the position of accidental heroes. When their thieving ways finally catch up with them, the opportunity arises to test their mettle, and prove that even the least-expecting slacker can rise to the occasion to become a true Antihero.


Image from: Antihero (2011)
Image from: Antihero (2011)
Image from: Antihero (2011)
Image from: Antihero (2011)
"AntiHero" is an independent film directed by Joseph Weindl that was awarded Best Feature from the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival and also found its way in to both the Guam International Film Festival and Seattle's True Independent Film Festival.

It is a Sci-Fi, adventure, comedy filled with hilarious scenes that will have you laughing at how absurd, yet strangely familiar they are. Filmed on a budget of $8,000, the cast and crew get every penny's worth out of their effort to produce 84 minutes of entertainment you won't soon forget.

What I like most about "AntiHero" is how easily you can relate to the main characters as they almost literally stagger through what turns out to be quite an adventure. What starts out as a drunken, pothead, slacker comedy quickly branches out in to the realm of Sci-Fi as Pork Rind discovers his psychic powers and, along with his best friend Weezie, uses them initially for nothing but personal gain.

Eventually, the less-than-dynamic duo are pulled in to a drug deal gone bad by their new found friend Lainee and they are forced to come up with a plan to save the day. Meanwhile, lots of drinking, pot smoking, video game playing, and movie watching takes place and everyone is having such a good time, you can't help but feel like you are one of the gang and along for the ride on this unexpected adventure.

Of course, you should not be looking for any type of elaborate special effects or big, sweeping camera shots as this is low budget film making at its finest. What Weindl manages to put together is a charming story with some hilarious moments and you can really see the makings of an inspired film maker. Hopefully "AntiHero" can pick up some kind of distribution or a run at a few movie houses around the country as it definitely deserves to be out there for people to see.

Review by Marc Morin from the Internet Movie Database.