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Fix, The

Fix, The (2011) Movie Poster
UK  •    •    •  Directed by: Britmic, Evilc.  •  Starring: Victoria Broom, Julian Lee.  •  Music by: Rennie Pilgrem.
The Fix: is a movie about a dystopian future, about us, them, and the collective unconcsious.


Image from: Fix, The (2011)
Image from: Fix, The (2011)
Image from: Fix, The (2011)
Wow, I don't know where to begin. Impossible to describe without spoilers. When I caught this at a private Mayfair reunion screening and all the subtext had sunk in - it was like I'd just watched some deep film about myself and impending environment. It's like I suddenly know how the world works now, thanks to the insights brought to me via this time capsule of a story.

From the opening history lesson to the closing fridge cloning action, I was just slack jawed with realisation as I took off my tinfoil hat to allow the essence into my brain.

The protagonist, Rick Regan is such a familiar character, almost like looking in the mirror. At face value he is a seventies bloke, stuck in his ways and abusive to any not of his own kind. Like Capek, his antagonist (or is she!!). But underneath, he is deep. Real deep. Even after he has an eye gouged out, which only serves to remind you of satanic and masonic iconography that any conspiracy theorist can tell you about. Honestly, I believe this really is a message from the future sent here to steer humanity along a different path (also thanks to winning the John Titor award).

There's also a treat when I found out that not only is the soundtrack scored by Rennie Pilgrem but the bass master himself also has a role in the movie - awesome! He plays an all seeing uberlord, puppet master of everyman's reality. Wicked stuff.

A central theme of the movie is corponations - the UK has been sold out to reality TV, so it's basically run by a global news syndication service channel called Network News Network - NNN - genius! The parallels to viacom are subtle, but nonetheless the final message from the film is a memorable one - so go see it if you get the chance.

Review by rod-shuffler from the Internet Movie Database.