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2067 (2018) Movie Poster
  •    •  114m  •  
One man's journey to the future to save a dying world.


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I watched this with high hopes. An Australian sci fi film. Dystopia, futuristic, time travel. It ticked a lot of boxes. The premise is set well. The earth is dying, suffocating, all the trees and Oman the life are dead and one man can save it all. Cliche? Absolutely, but not one that hasn't been successful in the past.

The issue with the film is that it uses these cliches but there are so many layered over what is at times a confusing and contradictory story line. (He's the only one that can save the world but his best friend arrives a few hours later to save him?). They've only been in the future a day to save humanity but then they're talking about going back straight away? The main characters incessant emotional outbursts take its toll. It doesn't stop all the way through the film and it makes it hard to watch. This is accompanied by, at times, an overly dramatic loud score that, like the tears, does not stop. Silence is a fantastic element to use in Sci-Fi scoring. (Just watch Ridley Scott's Alien and listen to Jerry Goldsmith's score.) If not silence then at least some dynamic contrast to aid the building of the story and the tension.

Yes it's a low budget film but that really isn't an excuse for poor dialogue and storyline. The effects go from being really well shot - the abandoned cities - to poorly executed - the nuclear reactor looks like a school holiday art project. The problem overall is that it looks like a big sci fi film on a low budget and suffers from an unclear, and at times, incomprehensible narrative delivered poorly.

Review by darren-318-539067 from the Internet Movie Database.