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Have Sex and Die

Have Sex and Die (2011) Movie Poster
Australia  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: James Peniata.  •  Starring: Matthew Scott, Ben Ryan, James Peniata, Bekka Handley, Katia Taylor, Beth Hadfield, Anna-Louise Gabbedy, Steve Maresca, Clariza Vicente, Cassandra Blok, Koren Kidis.  •  Music by: Kevin MacLeod.
     A bunch of friends answer an advertisement in the newspaper and agree to participate in a social experiment. As soon as they arrive at the enormous mansion of Professor King Hung they discover they have fallen into a deadly trap. Alison Lykz is an undercover cop who is trying to find her missing brother Tiger. Alison teams up with the group of friends in order to fight through the night in order to survive or risk being turned into another one of professor Hungs psychotic experiments.


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Four friends and a hitchhiker go to a mansioncastle and are set tasks to do in return for finacial reward but all is not what it seems. This is a fun leave you brain at the door schlockgrindhouse aussie film. Very low budget and production shoestring, however there is a story and the acting is good but n ot great. Director James Peniata shows his love for grindhouse and his passion shows.

Review by marzimmerman from the Internet Movie Database.