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Alien Zombie Invasion

Alien Zombie Invasion (2011) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  84m  •    •  Directed by: Joey Evans.  •  Starring: Larry Jack Dotson, Renee Wiggins, Christopher Cassarino, Shane Land, Dana Wokas, Scott Evans, Audrey Elizabeth Evans, Bridgot Wolf, Juan Rodriguez, Katie Krewall, Tor Lono, Emma Zuckerman, S. Mike Davis.  •  Music by: Jonathan Hoop.
     A small town in Texas battles an army of the undead that are controlled by aliens from outer space.


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Image from: Alien Zombie Invasion (2011)
Image from: Alien Zombie Invasion (2011)
Image from: Alien Zombie Invasion (2011)
This is genuinely THE worst film i have ever seen. At first i was like "oh a zombie film, how bad can it be?", i think i got like 30 minutes in until i could bare no more. Even if you are one of those people who likes watching bad movies or something, don't watch this. I cant stress how pitiful it is. The whole thing looks like it was filmed on a Nokia phone that was made in the 80s and the not-so-special effects were produced by a pre-school student. I have seen better acting at the start of a Brazzers film and the only reason it got the generous score of 2 is because an actress in the 'film' is marginally fit. I say again, don't watch this.

Review by luke halstead from the Internet Movie Database.