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Cybornetics (2012) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  111m  •    •  Directed by: Dwayne Buckle.  •  Starring: Raw Leiba, James Rich, Justiin A. Davis, Hillary Hawkins, Pascal Yen-Pfister, Nate Steinwachs, Adonis Williams, Alan Bendich, Noah Forrest, Douglas Rossi, James Stover, Anthony Aroya, Cole Blackwell.  •  Music by: 3Sixdy, Dcraze.
     In a future world of bio-mechanical technology and awe-inspiring scientific advances, humans share every aspects of their lives with their machines. But when a leading scientist and his team build an advanced prototype cyborg named A.R.C. 1 for an undisclosed secret military project, the scientists aren't prepared for the consequences. Suddenly, A.R.C. 1 is on his own in a strange and dangerous world, as he embarks on a spectacular quest to discover the startling secrets of his true identity.


Image from: Cybornetics (2012)
Image from: Cybornetics (2012)
The main story of Cybornetics is simple, yet complex at the same time. The director, Dwayne Buckle has created many different layers for the story, especially for the lead character, Charles Benjamin, the young man who is transformed into a cyborg, ARC1. His life takes many turns and is poignantly depicted. The social commentary, on urban life as well as the influence of technology on society in the movie, works out brilliantly together. But also those who will not be able to fully appreciate the social commentary in the movie, will have plenty to enjoy while watching this. The action itself is great and the characters are fun. Also the musical score is what helps to make this movie a very memorable one. Dwayne Buckle delivers one of his best works in this new film.

Review by Joshua Child from the Internet Movie Database.