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Abduction (2017) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Maurice Smith, Mol Smith.  •  Starring: Karolina Antosik, Tessa McGinn, Kemal Yildirim, Mel Mills, Amelie Leroy, Kelsey Williams, Victoria Thomas, Peter Hopkins, Janeks Babidorics, Vikie Shanks..
     Melissa rescues a young woman from a mental hospital where no-one believes she is a victim of abduction by aliens. She and a colleague try to prevent the aliens from taking her but a government agent seems to be hot on her trail, and the Alien Greys and their powerful leader, The Hive Queen have no intention of being stopped.


Image from: Abduction (2017)
Image from: Abduction (2017)
The reviewer who gave away so many key moments in this film has done nothing but show hisher total misunderstanding of the film. He should look up the word Pastiche. Hisher review is entirely inaccurate and is a complete misrepresentation of a neat and entertaining film.

No vaginas are ever seen and the film is entirely within the scope of teenagers to watch and enjoy. It is a fun film where anyone who has a dark sense of humour will get it. If you prefer linear, and hackneyed story lines and repeated big studio 'aim at the biggest audience and don't tell a great original story' type of movie, then no - this is probably not for you. Why do people who cannot understand what a movie is doing, broadcast their utter stupidity publicly?

Review by molsmith13 from the Internet Movie Database.


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Jul 16 2017, 11:40