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Benvenuti a Fuocofatuo

Benvenuti a Fuocofatuo (2011) Movie Poster
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Italy  •    •    •  Directed by: Piergiorgio De Micheli, Francesco Pasanisi, Edoardo Trevisani.  •  Starring: Cosimo Barbaro, Elisa Barone, Roberta Bria, Salvo Calcagnile, Lorenzo Caleca, Federica Camisa, Luca Cavallo, Terenzio Collina, Lorenzo Colonna, Noemi De Feo, Piergiorgio De Micheli, Fabio Donnicola, Cosimo Fiusco.  •  Music by: Khymeras, Playontape, Teenage Riot, Silverstarzero.
     In a mountain village in southern Italy, the dead come out of their graves to devour the living and spread the contagion of the Dead among the inhabitants...


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